Exploring the Wonders of Moreton Bay - A Guide to the Stunning Lagoon

Moreton Bay is a stunning lagoon located in southeastern Queensland, Australia. Protected by Bribie Island to the north and Moreton and the North and South Stradbroke Islands to the east and south, the bay measures 65 by 20 miles (105 by 32 km). It was first discovered by British navigator James Cook in 1770, who named it after James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton. The misspelled name was also originally applied to the continental area that eventually became Queensland.

The bay is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering a plethora of activities such as canoeing, jet skiing, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling around Tangalooma on Moreton Island. The shallow waters of Moreton Bay are perfect for divers and snorkelers alike. It is also home to some of Australia's most important wetlands and is the gateway to the Port of Brisbane, with the main shipping channel running between Bribie and Moreton. Its waters produce hunting and commercial fish.

In addition to the Brisbane River, other rivers such as Pimpama River, Logan River, Albert River, Pine River, Tingalpa Stream and Schulz Canal flow into Moreton Bay. Within Moreton Bay are smaller bays such as Waterloo Bay, Redland Bay, Raby Bay, Deception Bay and Bramble Bay. The bay is also home to the Moreton Bay insect (Thenus orientalis), a species of slipper lobster found in the waters off the north coast of Australia. European use and occupation of Quandamooka in the 19th century was largely restricted to government institutions in small parts of the islands, and to free enterprise entrepreneurs such as the Campbell brothers who ran a salt factory and sugar plantations on Russell and Macleay Islands. The bay's first fishing and oyster businesses also employed Quandamooka Aborigines. West Moreton is a region in Queensland that consists of the entire rural western part of South East Queensland. Both Moreton Bay City Council and Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay have joined forces to encourage business investment in the city of Moreton Bay in order to maximize returns. To ensure that the transportation channel remains open, several areas of the bay have been allocated for landfills of dredged material.

The seagrass beds and corals of Moreton Bay are subject to the ongoing threat of soil runoff caused by agriculture in the Lockyer Valley and construction activity in south-east Queensland. Just across the Pumicestone Passage in the north of Moreton Bay lies beautiful Bribie Island - just an hour's drive away from Brisbane. On Moreton Island visitors can even hand-feed wild dolphins! Like tribes on the mainland, Nooghie, Noonuccals and Goenpul fought when Moreton Bay was opened to free settlers. Moreton Bay is an incredible destination for tourists looking for an unforgettable experience. From its stunning islands to its diverse wildlife, there is something for everyone here. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day on one of its sandy beaches or an adventure-filled day exploring its depths with scuba diving or snorkeling, you won't be disappointed.

And don't forget about Bribie Island - just an hour away from Brisbane - where you can hand-feed wild dolphins!.