Exploring the Moreton Bay Region on Two Wheels - A Cyclist's Paradise

The Moreton Bay region in South East Queensland is a cyclist's dream come true. With its breathtaking coastal views, diverse landscape, and 150 kilometers of cycling lanes and routes, it's no wonder that the Moreton Bay cycle path is one of the most popular beach bike routes in the area. From Scarborough Beach to the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge in Clontarf, recreational cyclists can explore 11 kilometers of uninterrupted trails. The Bicentennial Bikeway is the busiest bicycle and pedestrian trail in Brisbane and one of the busiest in Australia.

The Moreton Bay Regional Bike Path (MBRC) is a set of cycling lanes and routes that cover 150 kilometers of the Brisbane coast. For more information on bicycle safety, trails and events on the Sunshine Coast, visit the Sunshine Coast Council website and check out the Ride to UniSC map (441 KB PDF) for more information on the facilities located on campus. The Moreton Bay bike path runs next to the railway line between Gympie Road and Anzac Avenue (at Kippa-Ring station). If you're planning a day trip, consult the Brisbane bike path map to find a suitable route.

Keep pedaling until you reach the Gayundah shipwreck at Scotts Point, under the cliffs of Woody Point, in the Moreton Bay region (3 km). The Moreton Bay region recognizes the country and traditional waterways of the Jinibara, Kabi Kabi and Yuggera nations. It's also home to some iconic flora, such as the fig tree in Moreton Bay, and several marine plants controlled by the state (such as mangroves and marine mantle) that need continuous protection. Discover everything that Moreton Bay has to offer: from picturesque inland hideaways to beach escapes on Moreton Island.

Redcliffe's friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team of travel agents will help you complete your list of must-see trips to the Moreton Bay region. Every semester, UniSC organizes free bike clinics on the Sippy Downs campus for students and staff to learn how to maintain and repair their bicycles. This photographic memory will prompt you to return to the Redcliffe Peninsula once again to once again enjoy the safe and family-friendly bike trails, complemented by stunning uninterrupted ocean views of the Moreton Bay region.